Here Is the Secret Key to Happiness When You’re Broken

It's very dark. It's very cold. It's the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I feel completely and utterly alone. My own shame surrounds me like a thick sticky cloud of darkness. I am completely stuck with nowhere to turn. I am stranded in a living nightmare. I can never fully explain what it is like to struggle depression, anxiety, and addiction. But that doesn't matter.

My 500 Days of Summer

I could feel his hand on my hip as he twirled me around as our other hands clap close. I could feel my pulse quicken despite the slow and calm love song playing in the back ground. I could feel a sense of electricity pulsing in the air between us as his warm rough hands... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award

Exciting news! A Beautiful Mind 4 Me has been awarded the Liebster Award by Jen Snyder at Woman Winning Online. The Liebster Award is mostly to recognize new bloggers and welcome them into the blogosphere. The award also helps bloggers connect with other bloggers. So, as part of winning this award I answer eleven questions that Jen Snyder asked... Continue Reading →

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