Recently I was really struggling with things going on in my life and I felt that everywhere I turn something was falling apart. Needing some spiritually guidance I asked for a blessing from my husband. I just wanted to hear that everything was going to be okay and I would spiritually be helped through these challenges I was facing. Instead I was told something that has had a profound influence on me!

In my blessing I got a nice lecture! That is when you know you are in trouble… it was explained to me that I am so incredibly blessed regardless of everything going on. I was told that I needed to focus on what was going right in my life instead of everything that was going wrong and let me tell you that the things going wrong were not little things! But regardless of everything, I was directly told that I have an apartment, a job, a family, and most importantly a husband who loved and cared for me despite my constant mistakes. It was driven into me that I am be grateful for the blessings I have instead of what I don’t. I know that sounds so cliche this time a year but its true.

I read this quote today that really just hit me hard. Even when everything is going wrong we are promised to be blessed. “The choice we face is whether or not to have faith in God, even when we can’t see how God’s promises will be kept.” Its hard when it seems everything is falling apart but we can not loose faith. I love that I got a lecture for my blessing because it helped me to see that even when it seems everything is falling apart the lord is right there giving you help in ways we don’t see unless looking for. I want to make it a goal to look for blessings not just now at Thanksgiving time but all year round.

Please post what you been blessed with recently?


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