What it is like going to the temple with mental illness

7186889084_58969a0453_b“What size dress do you want?” the lady asked me from behind the counter.

Don’t have a panic attack, don’t have a panic attack, I kept thinking to myself as I replied, “I don’t know. What sizes do you have?”

The lady went on to explain all the different sizes that they offered while I tried not to break down and cry.

“So, which one can I get for you?”

“I don’t know. What would you recommend?”

She gave me a weird look, which I don’t blame her for because I’m sure the last thing she wanted to do was guess my size.

“Well, what size pants do you wear?” she asked hesitantly.

“Um, well I don’t know that either…”

Looking back, I wish I had just explained that I am recovering from an eating disorder and talking about my size is super uncomfortable.

See, I was at the temple with a friend and knew the dress I owned before I went into the treatment center would no longer fit me. Meaning that I had to rent a dress. Which, then lead to this super awkward exchange!

Of course, after finally getting my dress and putting it on my eating disorder was over joyed! Which it then preceded to use to its advantage the whole rest of the time I was at the temple. It kept telling me that I shouldn’t have even bothered coming. It’s humiliating to have to rent a dress when there’s home that I love. And how dare I allow myself to not fit into it anymore!

Even though I don’t always have an awkward conversation about my size when I go to the temple, my eating disorder always finds something to go on about every time I go. And that is on top of my depression, which makes it hard to feel anything but numb while I’m there. And my anxiety, which causes me to panic and stress about every little thing!

Most of the time I go to the temple it’s a pretty difficult experience. Which, I feel awful about because the temple is a sacred and holy place!

For so long, I felt so guilty and unworthy to go to the temple because of this. I mean, if I’m struggling with my mental illnesses in the temple then there must be something wrong with me! Everyone else has an amazing experience and sometimes I leave the temple feeling worst then before I went in.

What I didn’t understand is that these illnesses, just like any other illness, don’t just disappear because I’m at the temple. They are a part of me. They are a blessing and a trial.

So, before I go to the temple I need to make sure I take my medication, pray for extra help, and that I am mentally prepared for it. I now understand that it will be tougher for me to feel the spirit and sometimes I just won’t spiritually get out of the temple what I hoped I would.

Despite all of this, I have found that it is worth it to go. I know that every time I do I’m blessed for it. My mental illnesses are easier to handle, I have more energy, and it’s easier to see the little ways that the Savior shows me that he is there.


7 thoughts on “What it is like going to the temple with mental illness

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  1. You know, the temple wasn’t like a huge revelation to me. I got overwhelmed. A lot of it seemed familiar (which weirds out other people) and some just… I know people say their first time is just all the good things you imagine. I just think as we grow and change so will our being in the temple change too. I dunno I’m a total noob 😋

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  2. I have been depressed for most part of my life until recently. I visited a temple and the instructions they gave me has lifted my spirit until today. I’m full of energy and zest for life. I know its permanent. From 2004 I have refused to drug my body with any antidepressants. I relied on alternative therapies. But thank God I’m free at last.


  3. My experiences are different and yet the same. The temple can be a very anxiety ridden place for me. When I am going consistently it tends to get easier but when life circumstances don’t allow for me to be as consistent then going becomes more difficult. I remember especially in our first year of marriage often leaving the temple in tears thinking things like, “the temple is supposed to be a place of peace and I feel anything but peace there. I feel the opposite.” I too have felt guilty at times. I have come a long way and amidst still experiencing anxiety in the temple I have found peace there, maybe different than others but peace still the same. Because mental illness in the temple isn’t openly talked about much it is easy to feel alone, thanks for sharing your experience!

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