10 Breathtaking Quotes That Will Inspire You to Love Your Body!

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It can be so difficult to not only love our bodies, but even simply accept them. This morning I woke up hating every aspect of my body, fully prepared to engage in eating disorder behaviors to control and change it. Yet, I can’t go back to my eating disorder. School starts tomorrow, therefore I know I can’t start it while making myself too sick to function.

I’m not ready to accept my body. Even so, I am willing to do one thing different today to take a step in the right direction towards a more positive body image. So, I put together ten of inspirational quotes on possessive body image to remind me during the difficult times, like today, why finding self-love is worth it.

Quote- Steve Maraboli

Quote- Sally Field

Quote- Alfre Woodard

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Quote- Bobbi Brown

Quote- Saraha

Quote- Demi Lovato

Quote- Andrew Matthews

Quote- C.G. Jung

Quote- Rupi Kaur

Quote- Salma Hayek

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