Fascinating Apps That Can Improve Your Mental Health Now

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Walking out those doors was terrifying and liberating all at the same time. I had been discharged from an inpatient unit after weeks of stabilization. I was free to make my own choices and flush my own toilet! While, I was also terrified of losing the stability that I had missed from treatment.

I did not want to relapse, not again. I knew that the only way to prevent relapse was to set up similar stability and resources I had during treatment.

Mental Health Apps for SmartphoneThe first thing I did, before even leaving the center, was set up a safety crisis plan with my husband and therapist. After that, on my way home from the center I downloaded apps to help me remember and focus on my recovery.

I am still surprised how helpful technology can be for my mental health. I knew it would help but I did not realize how much and how easily. There are so many great apps and online programs to help those of us working on our mental illnesses. Plus the majority of these apps are completely free!

Check out the following programs for different aspects of mental illness to help you out on your mental health journey.



Price: Free

Uses proven techniques to help with sobriety. Calculates days sober as well as money saved while having constant access to relapse prevention support.


  • Rewards
  • Daily Motivation
  • Community Forum
  • Craving Help Process
This app is like having a meeting or your sponsor available 24 hours a day! It isn’t a substitute for either but when I’m struggling it’s a GREAT tool to remind me why I don’t want to drink. I often use it in the morning to get my day started in a good frame of mind.
– Cathie Wilkerson

Sober Grid

Sober-Grid-Icon-300x300Price: Free

Connect with other sober people nearby, as well as around the world, while remaining completely anonymous.


  • Chat
  • Personalized Profile
  • Sobriety Calculator
  • Sober People Finder

This app has changed my thoughts of social media. People on this app are real. Struggling, supportive, loving, confused. It’s so nice seeing the real side of people. Thanks sober grid team for making a place to reach out and to get support when I need it most. I am reminded and/or taught something everyday through this app.

Aaron Allred



Price: Free

On the go stress management tool that instructs diaphragmatic breathing to help decrease the stress response while also assisting in anger management, mood stabilization, and managing anxiety.


  • Step-by-step guide to the breathing technique
  • Graphics, animation, narration and videos to lead you through breathing exercises
  • User-adjusted stress-level scale with touchscreen functionality

This simple app works very well indeed This is my favorite go-to app to immediately relieve stress. It is very simple and amazingly effective. For a lasting effect, use it 2-3 times a day, I would suggest. I am under serious stress for health reasons, and this immediately helps me assert control.

– Matt Downing

Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help

Price: Free

Provides coaching during a panic attack to help the user understand and control the anxiety symptoms. Also, beneficial for those struggling with Agoraphobia while experiencing exposure therapy.


  • CBT Articles
  • Cognitive Anxiety Diary
  • Emotional Training Audio
  • Relaxation Audios
  • Panic Assistance Audio
  • Password Protection

This little app is the absolute best thing in helping me with my issues. Anytime I feel an attack coming on all I have to do is go into the audio area and play one of the recordings to help with the situation and I always feel loads better after. I recommend this to anyone having issues finding something that helps. My therapist loves that this app helps me as much as it does.

– Rusty Fort

Bipolar Disorder


iMoodJournal for Bipolar

Price: $1.99

The ultimate charting tool for your mood that will help to discover insights into ups and downs of moods. Works well for bipolar, OCD, depression, or stress management.


  • Well-being Notes
  • Mood History
  • Hashtag Records
  • Weekly and Daily Mood Average Charts

A couple of days in and I’ve already noticed interesting patterns. This app is simple and even fun to use, which is amazing for a mood diary! The hashtag and selfie features are unique, help to organize and sift through data, and even see the different moods in your eyes. I’m not into this far enough yet to get much out of the charts, but will definitely keep using it. Thanks!

– Jessica Greening


Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Price: Free

Managing depression comprises with being able to understand depression. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide teaches how to manage stress and participate in self-care to improve your symptoms and mood.


  • Depression Severity Test
  • Audios
  • Articles
  • Cognitive Diary
  • Motivational Points System

This app makes me smile and gives me hope! Finally it feels like I’m getting help from someone who understands, I would definitely recommend this app!!

– Karen van Heerden


Price: Free

MoodTools contains research-supported tools to lift your mood when struggling with depression or other negative moods.


  • Thought Diary
  • Activities
  • Safety Plan
  • Information
  • Test
  • Videos

This app is an excellent supplement to therapy and a great tool for doing CBT on your own. It has plenty of information on depression and types of treatment that goes beyond what you can find on any one website.

– Amelia Hunter

Eating Disorder

The Bulimia Recovery Program

0810-coverPrice: $39.95, and $9.95 Monthly

Uses three techniques to help achieve bulimia recovery, structured eating, self kindness and neuroplasticity.


  • Structured Eating
  • Stopping Bingeing and Purging
  • Making Peace with Food
  • Self Acceptance
  • Intuitive Eating

I’ve never felt so calm and in control around food. I eat when I feel like it and until I am full. Some days it’s more and some it’s less. I really never believed that recovery is possible and I am still surprising myself every day with how much happier and healthy I feel.

– Carina

Recovery Record

Price: Free

A companion to managing eating disorder recovery that works for every stage of the recovery process.


  • Meals Record
  • Rewards
  • Ability to Sync with Treatment Team
  • Encouraging Messages

This is a great app especially for accountability around meal times. It’s really helped my clinicians know when I’m struggling and when I’m pushing through urges.

– Phoebe Carr


Sleep Cycle

sleep-cycle-alarm-clock-151508Price: Free

Monitors sleep cycles and an alarm clock that goes of in the lightest sleep phase to allow for a more natural wake up.


  • Sleep Cycle Monitor
  • Alarm Clock
  •  Detailed Sleep Statistics
  • Customization Wake Up Window

This is the best alarm ever! Even when I go to bed later than I should, I don’t feel exhausted the next day. I’ve been using it for a year now.

– Anoymous

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Price: $2.99

Designed to help those with insomnia and difficulty falling asleep, this app is a guided meditation that will enable peaceful sleep.

Insomnia cured, I tend to have a fantastic restful sleep throughout the night following listening to this app. Ive tried lots of things to tackle insomnia this is the only method I’ve found that i can recommend to others whole heartedly. The other versions for the app such as positive thinking are also great. it has helped me so much over the last few years it’s a must have download on any new phone or device.

– Rosanna Breck


Medisafe Medication Reminder

Price: Free

Safe way to control medication so there is no forgetting to take prescribed meds and supplements.

  • Medication Reminders
  • Dosing Schedules
  • Rx Refill Reminders
  • Discount Cards and Coupons
  • Weekend Mode

One of my meds is an injection once every 8 days alternating sides each time, without Medisafe I could not keep track of that.

– Amelia Hunter



Price: Free

Meditate anywhere with Headspace while guided by Andy Puddicombe, co-founder and former monk. Learn the basics of meditation with the free beginner pack or purchase more advanced meditation themes.


  • Happiness Meditation
  • Health Meditation
  • Brave Meditation
  • Work and Performance Meditation
  • Student Meditation

I wasn’t sure about this app upon the first couple of meditations in the basic program, but after day 4 I really started noticing a difference in my mind as I was meditating. I’m not starting the 2nd basic package and have really experienced quite an improvement in my awareness. I’ve even stopped trying to control the whole meditation process. I’ve gotten to the point where the 10 minutes I spend feels like a sacred and special part of my day. I really look forward to using this app regularly. Also 5 stars for Andy’s voice and the cute little animations as well. It’s genuine well thought out!

– Sarah Walton


Price: Free

Guided meditation for both beginners and advanced meditators at a variety of lengths, from 3 to 25 minutes, to personally fit unique schedules.


  • Daily Calm
  • Sleep Stories
  • 25+ Nature Sounds and Scenes
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Open-Ended Meditation

UPDATE… I’ve been using this app for over a year and it’s just gets better. And it has made a difference in my life normally I use it first thing to start my day but sometimes if I need time out it’s what I use. My stress levels are very low now… Thank you for the app One of the best I have tried cannot decided on the yearly subscription would prefer a one-off payment. I did it yearly subscription unlocks so much more. Life is a lot better for mediation and this app is brilliant at getting me to that every day.

– John Diamond

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Price: $0.99

Created by a licensed psychotherapist, this app teaches how to resist OCD obsessions and compulsions.


  • OCD Scale
  • Calming Activities
  • Ten Types of Exposure Activities

This app is very useful. There is a variety of options on how to cope with the OCD without being talked down to, or treated like a crazy irrational person. Lol. Very good at bringing you to the present and refocusing your mind. Also developer is very helpful with questions concerns and feedback.

– Anoymous

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

CPT Coach

Screen-Shot-2016-11-18-at-4.29.38-PMPrice: Free

Support materials for those suffering with PTSD participating in Cognitive Processing Therapy to assist in managing treatment.


  • Readings
  • PTSD Symptom Monitoring
  • CPT Worksheets

PTSD Coach

unnamedPrice: Free

Provides educations and tools to help users manage life with PTSD while customizing  the app to their preferences and needs.


  • Professional Care Infomation
  • Self-Assesments
  • Relaxations Skills
  • Anger Managment

The tools are better than I’ve seen in any other app. Consider downloading even if you don’t have PTSD just for those. You can pick tools according to how you’re feeling which makes it useful for depression, anxiety, and insomnia also.

– Hari-Kuyo



unnamedPrice: Free

This app is used to inspire people with schizophrenia to enhance their quality of life.


  • Social Networking
  • Goals
  • Motivational Coaches

I was lucky enough to be part of the test trials. Coaches are supportive and helpful. Highly recommended for anyone that has the condition.




Bliss – Gratitude Journal

logoPrice: Free

Exercises created by psychologists that can be easily incorporated into life for increased happiness.


  • Scheduled Exercises
  • Recurring Schedule
  • Meditation

I really like this app because it’s nice and small, it has great exercises and it makes it a point to stress the because in the actual gratitude part of the journal.

-Joey Goss

Shine Text

shine-textPrice: Free

Sign up to receive daily uplifting daily text messages to help with confidence and happiness.


  • Quotes
  • Articles
  • Actions Ideas

I love receiving my daily Shine Texts! Every day it uplifts my mood and helps me to accept where I’m at in my life.

– Alex F.


Price: Free

Coloring app for adults to help release stress and relax the mind.


  • Filters and Effects
  • Drawing
  • Color Combinations
  • Ability to Post Art

I love it because I love to color and I can take this on a trip like when I go to Cincinnati that really fun I can color at the same time while I’m in the car write this one if you think the same.

– Samya Strong


Self-Harm Prevention

Calm Harm

unnamed (1)Price: Free

Choose from four categories to help resist or manage the urge to self-harm.


  • Distraction Activities
  • Comfort Activities
  • Express Yourself Activities
  • Release Activities
  • Breathing Exercises

Thank you for creating this app. I have struggled with self harm for years, and this does help me control my mood. Not only when I feel like harming myself, but also when I’m just generally feeling bad. The activities might not be for everyone but there’s so much variety that I think everyone would benefit from it, so I recommend it 🙂

– Salsabila Amari

Suicide Prevention

Jason Foundation: A Friend Asks

1200x630bbPrice: Free

Teaches how to respond and recognize signs of suicide idealization in others and self.


  • Warning Signs
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

This app is a great resource for any person of any age. I recommend you download this and encourage others as well.

– Deanne F Ray


unnamedPrice: Free

Add the contact information for those that are in your support system to always have access to them for times of crisis.


  • Safety Plan Tool Blox
  • Tools for Confidentially
  • National Suicide Hotline


A reminder we all have someone For those of us who need the occasional boost and need to know that someone cares. It also links to the National Suicide Hotline if you can’t get through to your contacts. It also provides links to other support sites and resources for additional help.





Online Therapy LogoPrice: $39.95 + 20% off

An affordable therapy that provides the support and tools for long-term success.

  • Daily Therapist Contact
  • Hands on Tools
  • Activity Plan
  • Daily Journal
  • Anonymous Forum
  • Yoga Videos for Mental Health

The course is thoughtful and insightful. My therapist has offered measured very helpful advice. It is a tremendous value for the price, and the anonymity is a real plus as compared to going to a councellor’s office. Additionally, you can do it when convenient and on the fly. The ability to copy/paste materials and comments allows for one to make his or her own notes to review later. I’m very impressed.




Yoga-HealingPrice: $97

This yoga is focused on healing instead of athleticism and is designed for those in recovery both physically and mentally.


  • Unique Yoga Videos
  • Workbook
  • Physical Modification Video
  • Focus Sheet
  • Journal

It was [Tera Bucasas] experience going from a very fit, energetic yoga instructor to someone dealing with extreme fatigue, deep depression, and physical pain that inspired the Yoga for Healing program. Tera took her training and crafted a gentle yoga practice for those who are walking the path back to wellness — people like me and maybe like you. People who need an authentic, achievable, no-frills way to work toward daily fitness, as well as access some of the deeper aspects of healing.

-Aurelian Temisa

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