What Happens When One Mom Lets Go of Her Anorexia

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I’m Haley and I struggled with Anorexia for roughly five years. Anorexia is dangerous because you can have it and not realize it.

Anorexia Reflection Many people will refer to anorexia as “Ana” online. Anorexia can make you lose your period, it can slow down your growth physically, and most importantly it can make you lose yourself.

When someone has an eating disorder, they will not recognize what they see in the mirror. All they will see is the weight or what they are most self-conscious about. Personally, when I struggled, I focused on my weight and toning my body.

Anorexia still affects my mental health to this day and I have been in recovery for 2 full years now. When you suffer from anorexia you can have severe anxiety, depression, and even bipolar disorder.

Generally, when someone suffers from an eating disorder, they choose baggy clothes. They will be more inclined to hide food rather than eat, and they will choose to avoid eating in front of people at all costs.

If There Is a Will, There Is Online Therapy

Online Therapy Happy

The main reason I am so open about my struggles with anorexia nervosa is because I want to end the stigma associated with it. Anorexia isn’t taboo, it is a real struggle that everyday people face and have lost their lives too. Life after an eating disorder is very possible, even though it may not seem like it at the time.

When talking to someone you think has an eating disorder, don’t push them, let them talk to you about what bothers them. Don’t call them out for counting calories or not wanting dressing on their salad. The best way to recovery is through a friend who listens and is willing to walk you.

I would love to hear from any of you who need someone to talk to about eating disorders or want to hear my personal recovery story.


Haley Fuss and is a 20 year old college student and single mother. She is currently studying to get her pharmacy technician certification through Penn Foster. Haley started her blog as a way to reach people about topics she’s passionate about and also to help other mothers. Some of the things Haley spirited about include saving money, makeup, stationary, and college. She mainly writes when she wants to rant or when she thinks she can help someone.

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