10 Effective Quotes for Getting the Most out of Your Life

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She hated new year’s resolutions too, so what she told me changed the way I view each new year. Let’s be honest, new year’s resolutions are completely stupid. I have never once followed through with them and, according to U.S. News, 80% of your resolutions will fail by February as well.

So, instead of making a new year’s resolution last year, my therapist recommended I choose a theme for the year. This was something I had never heard of before, and I instantly fell in love with! So, last year, after careful consideration, I chose the theme fight.

I wanted to fight for my life and fight for recovery. And, instead of forgetting about it by February, I had made a playlist of inspiring fight songs, bought an inspiring fighter themed necklace, and made a board of inspirational notes from my recovery friends. I found that having a theme for the year helped inspire me more than having a specific goal that I would never stick to.

So, this year I have chosen my theme for 2019 to be… drum roll… LIVE.

I am making a lot of progress recovery wise and have come a long way but feel like I’m still not really living. I struggle to leave the house and would rather sleep and watch Netflix. But, this year I want to try new things and go new places, regardless of how much it terrifies me.

So, to start the year of really living off, I made a list of 10 quotes that inspire me to truly live:


Grace Hansen Quote


Kevin Welch Life Quote


Mark Twain Life Quote


William Feather Life Quote


Ralph Waldo Emerson Life Quote


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Les Brown Life Quote


Adlai Stevenson Life Quote


Albert Einstein Life Quote



Stephen Hawking Life Quote


Life Quote

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What do you think of having a theme? What is your theme for the year going to be? Let me know in the comments!



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