4 Reasons Online Therapy Is the Best Option for You

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Can you relate to Taylor’s tweet? I totally do, because I need behavioral therapy. I need it like a cancer patient needs to visit their doctor. Nevertheless, let’s be real for a second. It’s not easy.

My therapist is not covered by my insurance and after meeting with her every week it adds up fast. It’s overwhelming to see how much my husband and I spend on my therapy. Let’s just say, my part-time job barely pays for just my therapy every month. Which is ironic considering that I can’t work unless have therapy for stability.

Online Therapy

Being a professional black and white thinker, I tend to forget that there are other options for therapy. One of which, is the growing tread of online therapy. I’ve seen advertisements for it before, although I brushed them off because they looked kind of sketchy. Yet, as I have researched and learn more about this type of behavioral therapy, I have found out it is an excellent alternative to normal therapy. Here are four of the benefits I’ve found from participating in online therapy:

  1. Muchhhh less expensive than visiting a therapist!

Cost is the biggest issue when it comes to working with a therapist. Like I said, it’s expensive to see a professional! Coupled with insurance to deal with can make figuring out therapy an enormous pain. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve broken down crying from trying to figure out insurance stuff! However, with online therapy you don’t have to deal with insurance coverage.

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Online therapy is inexpensive because the month to month fee is generally the same cost as paying full price to see a therapist once. That would cut down your therapy bills by 75%.

But here’s the real question, does lower cost mean lower quality therapy?

  1. No, online therapy does not mean lower quality.

Online therapy has improved so much over the last several years as more things, like doctors’ visits, are becoming more available without having to leave the house. The behavioral therapy sites will generally tell you what licensing your therapist has. Therefore, there is no need to worry about telling your life story to some sketchy unqualified person.

Also, most sites have therapists that specialize in your specific illness, such as depression, anxiety, or addiction. This allows you to get the most out of your therapy.

  1. Privacy for those that don’t want people to know about needing therapy.

I’m open and honest about seeing a therapist, but I get that not everyone is that way. Online therapy is great if you don’t want to worry about people wondering why you had to leave for an hour from work. Trust me, you don’t want to awkwardly find out that your coworker has the same therapist when unknowingly having sessions scheduled back to back. (Yep, totally happened!) This also makes therapy possible for those that are in an unsafe environment where therapy is needed but not allowed.

  1. Way more convenient for those of us who never seem to have any spare time.

It’s been difficult lately to schedule my therapy sessions with my crazy work schedule. There have been several weeks where it didn’t work out and I had to simply miss a week of therapy. Needless to say, therapy, while needed, can be inconvenient. Along with, there is the whole driving to and from in addition to rescheduling when something comes up.

None of those are issues when it comes to online therapy. It’s available at any time, so you can talk to your therapist while at home in your pajamas with face wash on. This amount of comfort can make it easier to be open about your feelings. It also works great for those, like me, that struggle to leave the house for various reasons.

Rocabi anxiety weighted blanket for insomnia

Online therapy is similar me loving online school while my husband doesn’t. There are going to be some people that could enjoy and benefit from online therapy, while others don’t. If this sounds like something you could use, there are so many great options for online therapy out there to sample. I recommend trying my affiliate’s program Online-Therapy.com.

Why I recommend Online-Therapy.com above other providers.

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  • They focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which is a well-documented effective therapy. This cognitive therapy teaches you how to challenge your specific problem, how to think in a more successful way, and it has proven long term results. It was what I was taught at the eating disorder treatment center and found it incredibly eye opening.
  • The ability to communicate and receive feedback from your therapist daily.
  • They use evidence-based cognitive therapy programs that allow you to use hands on tools, activity plan, and journal daily. These are all important parts of therapy that tend to get overlooked in other programs.
  • A provided forum to anonymously communicate with other therapists and patients.
  • The ability to effortlessly pause your therapy if you are feeling better or permanently cancel at any time.
  • NEW: And the best part is, you get 20% off the first month for trying it out by clicking on this link: Online-Therapy.com.

Whatever therapy works for you remember there is never any shame in getting the help that you need!

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