Nativity_tree2011 12 Days of CHRISTmas

e2bef514-b78a-11de-831b-001cc4c03286.image A hero among us: Remembering our bus accident six years ago

sad A note to all the exes in my life…

new-years-resolutions-2014 A slight change of heart toward resolutions… slight!

BlogAm I making the LDS LGBT suicide delemma worse?

2008 individual closeup Does anyone else have problems answering the question, “Tell us a little about yourself?”

dumbledore Dumbledore + Sister Linda K. Burton = More happiness in my marriage

GodsWill How do I start being an every day missionary?

37204_107141552683707_2219203_n I was wrong about true love… this is what true love is~

IMG_0662 Imperfect Nails

 Learning from Stephanie Nielson

Laughing girl in yellow towel_300 Misbehaving? Alternatives to “Consequences”

11830889_1618067938458295_1172946764_n Pre-mission jitters! And I’m not even the one leaving!

2980_1660300604235028_3299851679014308825_n Proud to be a Harry Potter nerd!

3901-happy-family-beach-sunset Strengthening the family in the midst of holiday chaos and terrorist attacks

Processed with VSCOcam with x4 preset Thankfulness

priesthood-how-can-using-scripture This is boring… and I kinda don’t wanna do it…

FullSizeRender Understanding the new church policy for children of same-sex couples

10408597_1440432702888487_4443177088136274807_n When your spouse needs to change…

10150611523642940 Why I stopped asking “Who am I?”

keep_calm_and_be_proud_of_yourself_by_rainbowrandomness-d6jk4gx Why I stopped saying to my husband, “Good job!”


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