The Secret to Raising Resilient Children

Every single day I sit down and open up the news on my iPad or see what news is featured in the trending box on Facebook. Each of these times I am confronted with the reality that, despite the great life that I have, the world that I live in can be a scary place. "Murder!" "Terrorist attacks!"... Continue Reading →

Understanding the new church policy for children of same-sex couples

I read so many comments from this article of active members of the church feeling confused and hurt by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints not allowing children of same-sex couples to get baptized. It's okay to be confused and hurt! It does sound awful! Let me see if I can help spread some light... Continue Reading →

Learning from Stephanie Nielson

I got to listen to Stephanie Nielson speak on October 1st! She is my hero for so many reasons and I love reading her blog so I was extremely excited to listen to her speak at Utah Valley University. I was disappointed that I had to sit in the back but it was just incredible to... Continue Reading →

Why I stopped saying to my husband, “Good job!”

Don't say, "Good job!" Have you lost your mind?! That was my exact thought when my Applied Parenting teacher did a lesson on encouragement vs praise. This was the most mind blowing lesson I have ever had because I could see how much my husband and I struggle with this. The article that goes with... Continue Reading →

Misbehaving? Alternatives to “Consequences”

I am not a parent!!! But I am taking the class Applied Parenting and I just wanted to share an article my teacher shared with us in class that I thought was just mind blowing. The point of this blog is to share things that I learn in my life and Behavioral Science Family Studies... Continue Reading →

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